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Find My Perfect Real Estate Agent 


Experienced agents helping people find the perfect agent in their area for FREE


What is Find My Perfect Real Estate Agent?

OK folks, I’m going to tell you a little secret. Looking for a rockstar real estate agent? Well, quit sweating it out. We're Find My Perfect Real Estate Agent. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but the good news is our service is as remarkable as our name is long.

You know those other websites that scream, “We’ll find you the BEST agent!” but just bombard you with calls from average Joes who’ve merely paid for that territory? Yeah, not us. We believe your time and patience are worth more than listening to a concert of lame sales pitches.

We're your personal matchmakers in the real estate arena - and we're as choosy as you'd want us to be. Our agent finders?  They are client focused, licensed, experienced professionals, so committed to your interests they’d take a bullet for it… or at least, a tough negotiation. 


What's the secret sauce? We do all the heavy lifting. From thorough research to the nitty-gritty of interviews, we send only those agents your way you could bring home to meet your mom. 


And the best part, it’s absolutely FREE! Yeah, that's right. We won't charge you for hooking you up with an A-list agent. So, what are you waiting for? Tap those "BUY" or "SELL" buttons and let’s start rolling on your personalized real estate adventure. 












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Your perfect agent is only a few easy steps away

We want to help you find your real estate agent
fill out the online form and selct if you would like to buy or sell

Click on the  "BUY" OR "SELL" buttons below and fill out the quick form

tell us more about what your needing an agent for

Your personal Agent Finder will set up an introduction call to  gain more insight about  you  and what is most important to you in an agent

we do all the leg work and will find the perfect agent for you

Your Agent Finder will research and interview agents in your preferred area.  Once they find a worthy candidate we will reach back out to you and tell you about the agent/agents we have selected.  Upon your approval we will connect you with your perfect agent.

Why you really need a great agent on your side



  •  Negotiate best price or ability to beat out other buyers
  • Informs you of your rights as a buyer and ensures you are always protected
  • Guides you through the entire process ensuring you always know the next steps and deadlines
  • Has access to local MLS and access to keys  

  •  Knowledge of how to market your home to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible
  • Relieves stress by managing showings, negotiating prices, dealing with other agents, etc.
  • Informs you of your rights as a seller to make sure you are protected
  •  Knows not to price your house based on what certain websites say its worth  

Are you looking for an agent to assist you to "BUY" or "SELL"? 


Looking for assistance in Utah?  Visit to start your home search today!

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Find My Perfect Real Estate Agent is real estate referral service  by  Boynton Homes LLC owned and operated by  licensed real estate agent Steve Boynton (lic # 11265477-SA00) with Century 21 Everest (lic # 7376824-CN00), a licensed real estate brokerage. 6925 S Union Park, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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